Originally created 08/06/02

Fix mine fields on Central Avenue

I had the front end of my auto re-aligned two weeks ago. After two weeks of driving on Central Avenue, I have detected a pull to the right in my alignment (fact).

To all those who know the mine field of lower Central Avenue since the asphalt resurfacing thereof, please send your realignment bills to the Augusta consolidated government's engineering department. You won't be the first.

I can respect that the city had nothing to do with the actual pavement placement on this section of Central Avenue. Yet upon inspection by the city's engineering staff, the depressions were determined to be "unacceptable" by the Department of Transportation standards (hearsay).

The project of paving Central Avenue is a boondoggle (fact). The city/county engineering department has failed the citizens of our fair community (conjecture).

Intelligent planning at the department would have incorporated the milling and raising of manholes in this DOT project, as it has so many projects before (fact).

The contracting agent and the director of engineering are directly responsible for this "boondoggle." Faulty planning (conjecture).

I appreciate the city has recognized that "they have a problem" (fact) and we, as "consumers," must await the decisions of government to fix said problem. But, please (mayor, commissioners, director) fix the darn problem before someone really does get hurt and puts a lawsuit on the city that will be hard to defend. And I mean yesterday.

Jeffreyd Hall, Augusta


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