Originally created 07/25/02

News is appalling; not hog headline

This is in response to several letters complaining about the July 7 front page "hog story." Those complaining claim to be "appalled, disgusted and furious" about this story and resent it being splattered in "their newspaper."

In the same paper, articles report "Two suicide bombers kill three," "Kidnapped 5-year-old found dead near road," and the list goes on. I feel these are the appalling stories and are the disgusting vicious acts of killing that should draw our attention.

Some people hunt wildlife for sport. It is the most effective wildlife management tool man has to keep populations at healthy levels. Anti-hunters will always be anti-hunters, and I am not trying to convert anyone. I applaud The Chronicle's diversity in printing the news. By providing readers with facts, we have the freedom to read or not to read.

Maybe The Chronicle needs a disclaimer printed in each paper, warning readers of the possible hunting or fishing story it might report - not to mention the occasional ad for ground beef or the heinous chicken quarters that may be found in our supermarkets.

William Howard Hensley, Evans, Ga.

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