Originally created 07/24/02

Vietnam War was not unnecessary

Regarding the Fourth of July letter by Paul and Anne Cook: It's sad to see people like the Cooks, who give praise to some who died for our country and treat the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War as tragic and unnecessary.

Apparently the Cooks forgot the war in Vietnam was to stop Communist aggression; it was not for the entertainment of our elected officials. The Vietnam War probably would have been successful if not for the Clinton generation protesting the war so they wouldn't look like cowards as they dodged the draft.

I would also like for the Cooks to tell us who we are going to make peace with? Again, have the Cooks forgotten about the deaths of thousands in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93 on Sept. 11?

As for President George W. Bush, he has an absolute understanding of the Middle East when it comes to Palestine. If not for Mr. Bush, Israelis would have destroyed Palestine by now and I wouldn't blame them.

The Fourth of July was a day to celebrate America's independence, not a day to hear from a couple of Democrats who can't accept the fact that Al Gore lost the election.

Mr. and Mrs. Cook need to get on with their lives and let the president do his job. George W. Bush has been an example for all future presidents. God Bless him and the United States of America.

Terry G. Smith, North Augusta, S.C.


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