Originally created 07/24/02

Mayor not alone in backing Few

I have wrestled with the impact of the entire situation regarding Augusta Mayor Bob Young and former Fire Chief Ronnie Few and have a couple of thoughts:

It's easy to act as Monday morning quarterback and second-guess the appropriateness of the letter written by Mayor Young knowing now what the special grand jury has discovered through its thorough and detailed investigation. However, without the benefit of this hindsight, the letter of recommendation was not out of line at the time it was written knowing the information available at the time.

I am surprised that the mayor is alone in taking the heat for recommending Mr. Few for Washington, D.C., fire chief. Where is the public outrage over the three commissioners who traveled to D.C. to provide their glowing support and accolades of Ronnie Few? Certainly what they said was much more supportive of Mr. Few than the comments of Mayor Young's letter. Why are they not being called to the carpet or being held accountable for their actions like the media is doing to the mayor? It is time to end this double-standard in Augusta.

Augustans are missing the point. The special grand jury report shows conclusively the need for the city administrator to be given the power to keep department heads in line. He must be empowered to hire and fire department heads.

Rather than lay blame for something in the past (which this city loves to do), focus on fixing the problem so it does not happen again. Give the city administrator the power and authority to hire and fire department heads.

Tim Moses, Augusta


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