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JULY 22, 1943

The filling of city reservoirs during the last few days has made little progress, Ernest E. Pund, city engineer and commissioner of public works, said yesterday.

Mr. Pund stated he has come to the conclusion that "we can pump just about enough water to meet essential demands," due to the increase in population in the last year and a half.

He admitted that he frankly didn't know what to do, that the city had gained a million gallons over the weekend but that "we can't wait for a month of Sundays to fill up these reservoirs."


The Columbia County Humane Society is sponsoring a Feline Extravaganza from 6-8 p.m. Thursday at Petsmart in Augusta. This is in addition to the regularly scheduled adoptions on Saturdays (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and Sundays (1-4 p.m.)


The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety has released the Parental Guide to New Teenage Driving Requirements, which explains the new teen driving regulations that became effective Jan. 1.

This easy-to-read pamphlet outlines how the new teen driving requirements will affect teen drivers and their parents. Before teenagers can apply for their permanent driver's license and obtain all the privileges that go with it, they must now have 40 hours of supervised experience - with six of those hours at night. If the student has participated and successfully passed a driver education course, it requires 20 hours of supervised driving time - with six of those hours at night. The driving time must be certified by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult.

The brochure provides all the guidelines and requirements, a suggested driving skills checklist and an optional driving log. Most importantly, it contains a sample of the Verification Form, which must be completed by the teen's parent at a DMVS Customer Service Center. The parent or designated adult is required to affirm that the applicant has completed the behind-the-wheel experience and will be liable for any fictitious representation.

For more information, call the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety at (678) 413-8400.


Laughter is a serious subject to Professor Robert Provine.

The psychologist at University of Maryland told The Baltimore Sun he has come to four conclusions about laughter.

  • Four times more laughter is triggered by bland phrases than by formal jokes.
  • People are 30 times more likely to laugh in groups than alone.
  • A person who is talking chuckles 46 percent more than a person listening.
  • Women laugh far more than men, except when they are listening to other women. Then they generally clam up.

    Be careful when you pull up to the table for a big meal.

    Researchers have found that the risk of heart attack can increase 10 times after overeating. Blood pressure rises after a heavy eating, which can loosen blood clots that can block arteries.


    Where do Americans keep their spare change?

    Glass or plastic jar: 28 percent

    Piggy bank: 13 percent

    Bottle or jug: 12 percent

    Coffee or other type of can: 8 percent

    Water jug: 5 percent

    Cookie tin or other decorative tin: 4 percent

    Cookie jar: 4 percent

    Plastic cup or mug: 4 percent

    Bowl or dish: 3 percent

    Bucket or pail, change purse, wicker basket, dresser or kitchen drawer: 2 percent each

    Box, loose around the house, ashtray, car console, safe, cigar box, car ashtray, shoebox, sock or shoe, or plastic bag: 1 percent each


    While 8- to 12-year-old girls often dress like teens, talk like teens and mature physically like teens, they appear to have strong ties to their families and a need for support.

    Girls describe boys as very different from girls; they call them unreliable as friends.

    Girls associate teasing and bullying with boys. The most hurtful dimension of teasing for the girls seems to be appearance-based.

    As young girls are confronted with difficult teen issues such as dating and sex at an increasingly early age, they are learning that their family confidants are often unwilling or unable to discuss such issues.

    Weight is of particular concern. Girls as young as 8 speak about dieting and calories.

    While 75 percent of third-grade girls say they like the way they look, only 56 percent of seventh-graders do.

    "CHOC" IT UP

    Chocolate milk is one of life's simple pleasures, and it's a great source of calcium and protein. It has half the added sugar of soft drinks and many juice drinks. A Journal of the American Diabetic Association study recommends chocolate milk.


    Calories expended during 15 minutes for a 150-pound person (If you weigh less, you'll expend fewer calories.)

  • Reading: 18
  • Lying quietly: 18
  • Sleeping: 18
  • Kissing and hugging: 27
  • Picking up a child: 57
  • Pushing a stroller: 55.5
  • Walking or running with a child: 72
  • Playing tag: 45
  • Tossing a baseball: 51
  • Fishing from a boat: 45
  • Playing Frisbee with a dog: 49.5
  • Playing miniature golf: 54
  • Source: The Fidget Factor (Mayfield Publishing)


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