Originally created 07/21/02

Christians need to take back media

It is time that all Christians unite to take back the media. I suggest the owners of conservative media set a plan in action to buy out smaller chunks of media and then change the trash to the truth. This can lead to buying the likes of The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

Also, wealthy Christians should help support or create media companies and buy or sell stock to the average Christian to build Christian media. In this way, we will take America back.

A majority of Americans are believers in Christ and need the media to reflect those values. Their children will learn from good examples of living, even as they watch TV or read the papers.

In this way, God will bless America, and the tyranny of the American Civil Liberties Union will be thwarted along with fanatical environmentalists and vulgar Hollywood.

There is no need to be scared of Christians or their ways. Your personal freedoms are still yours. Would you really rather have Barrabas? Who knows? The terrorists may stop.

Michael J. Rhoden, North Augusta, S.C.


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