Originally created 07/21/02

Unhappy with Randall on council

To the voters who live in District 6 in Aiken County, presently represented by Joel Randall:

Unfortunately last year, my council representative, Mr. Randall, joined three other county council members and the chairman to decide they didn't like the order in which projects were listed on the Special Local Option Sales Tax ballot after the citizens of this county had already voted on it. The ballot specifically stated that "the projects were to be completed in the order as listed on the ballot."

Because we objected to them changing the ballot, those four council members joined in the lawsuit filed by the cities of Aiken and North Augusta to get an order from a judge changing the order in which projects were listed on the voter ballot. They did this against the advice of their attorney and the other four council members who did not agree...

They would have succeeded in changing the voter ballot except that all of us there agreed to hire an attorney at our own expense to protect us... A judge ruled in our favor. But that didn't stop them. Those same council members, along with the support of the chairman, then decided to loan money for the projects in Aiken and North Augusta. They didn't care that they would be going against a judge's ruling and would be in contempt of court. They deserve to be behind bars.

I certainly hope that before anyone makes up his mind to vote for Mr. Randall that he will prayerfully think about his right to vote. I promise that the lawsuit we filed was not just to get dirt roads paved. We did it to help protect the right to vote for all citizens of this county.

As for my vote on Tuesday, I feel that Charles Barton could better represent the interests of those who live in District 6...

Sandra Beard, Graniteville, S.C.


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