Originally created 07/21/02

Pick Napier for council

To those who will vote in the July 23 primary for Aiken County Council District 5, you have a clear choice of candidates.

Having served on county council with each of the two candidates, I can say with certainty that Phil Napier is a man of his word, a man with integrity and a man who votes for the best interest of residents of Aiken County.

Mr. Napier practices professionalism in doing his job. He picks up and studies his agenda well prior to the issue being discussed, talks to people on issues and is approachable. He also gets information from other counties that have information which would be beneficial to him in making a decision. He lives and works in Aiken County. He is available to listen to all residents all the time.

Mr. Napier votes on the basis of the best information he has at the time of voting. He asks questions and pries for the truth. He is above voting on the basis of friendship, partnership, relationships or bias. Mr. Napier is a real statesman. I cannot truthfully comment the same about his opponent, Eddie Butler.

Phil Napier is the best choice for Aiken County Council District 5. I urge anyone in that district to give good government a chance. You would be wise to vote for Mr. Napier.

Willar H. Hightower Jr., Aiken, S.C.

(Editor's note: The writer is a member of Aiken County Council for District 8.)


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