Originally created 07/21/02

Butler the right choice

Few realize the importance of the July 23 special election for District 5, Aiken County Council. The primary for this seat was delayed due to redrawing the lines of the district. Now only District 5 candidates will be on the ballot and many may be lackadaisical about going to the polls to vote.

One of the candidates has 12 years experience on the county council - Eddie Butler. He served in the '90s as a District 4 representative. With the change in the district lines, he is now a District 5 resident.

While on council, Mr. Butler was knowledgeable, particularly in the financial realm. His recommendations were insightful and conservative. He thought of the good of the entire county while well aware he represented residents on the edge of the county, the Belvedere/North Augusta area.

Mr. Butler pushed hard to get the local option sales tax on a countywide referendum. This allowed the county to put its share of funds into the construction of the Bobby Jones Expressway, which will be economically valuable for the entire county. He advocated the establishment of Sage Mill Industrial Park, which is another plus for the economy of Aiken County.

His pressure to establish a reserve fund helped the county be more fiscally responsible and have a better business approach in financial matters.

A businessman, Eddie Butler has the ability to work with others. He is extremely well organized and pays attention to details. He understands the work ethnic and courteously listens to others before making important decisions...

On Tuesday please remember to vote. I recommend my friend, Eddie Butler, because I care.

Mim Woodring, North Augusta, S.C.


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