Originally created 07/21/02

Introducing Scott Singer for council

It's election time again with all the signs, advertisements and promises - and so many unfamiliar names and faces. I, for one, find it hard to go to the polls and vote for a complete stranger.

Therefore, let me introduce Scott Singer so he won't be a stranger when you vote Tuesday in the District 2 Aiken County Council Republican primary.

I've known Mr. Singer for nine years. I can assure you that he's a person of character and integrity. He eagerly seeks opportunities to give back to our wonderful community. It has been through his community service that I have come to know him.

As a teacher, I work with high school students and encourage their involvement in community service activities. For nearly a decade, Mr. Singer has been a tremendous supporter of our various projects. His support goes beyond simple words of encouragement; he is quick to give both time and monetary assistance.

Throughout this period, Mr. Singer has been an incredible example to our children, displaying to them the importance of giving back to their homes and communities. This level of volunteerism is a new idea to many - but not to Mr. Singer. While so many go home after work every night and make excuses, he is out there making a difference.

As voters, you have an opportunity to make a positive difference on the Aiken County Council by voting for Scott Singer.

Mary Thomas, Aiken, S.C.


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