Originally created 07/20/02

Phil Napier not a 'yes' man

I like John Wesley's quote about, "Do all the good you can," when, why, how, where, etc. It would be a good example and motto for all politicians, as well as those people who claim they are not politicians.

Be aware of these people running for an elected office who claim to be something that they are not. Today's new Republicans are trying to sell the voters the idea that they are not politicians and they are against gambling.

Truth dictates and describes the truth. These folks are politicians, and they love gambling or they would not be in the "hoss" race.

We (the city, county and state) need more people like Arthur Shealy, Phil Napier and Roland Smith. They don't mind bucking the establishment; when something is not right, they don't mind saying so. They are not "yes" politicians. They tend to be the conservatives of the so-called conservative political party. They vote in favor of "We, the People," rather than the party first, themselves second and the people last.

Phil Napier, Arthur Shealy and Roland Smith tend to reject the peer pressure of their fellow council (and representative) members, and aren't afraid to speak out (make known) the evils of the majority. They also never fail to respond to the voters, even if they disagree with our views.

Aiken Country District 5 has a choice to make on election day between Eddie Butler and Phil Napier. They both have experience on the county council. Mr. Butler will be the "yes" man and keep the establishment well-oiled and bowing to the wishes of the majority. Mr. Napier is not afraid to spray water on the fire that's burning out of control in the county government.

If you want a voice in government, vote for the firefighter, Phil Napier.

Bill Adams, North Augusta, S.C.


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