Originally created 07/20/02

Enact dress code

Richmond County school teachers who wear sweat pants, cutoffs and flip-flops to class create an unprofessional atmosphere in a school district that is desperately trying to improve itself, its standards and its students.

So three cheers for the school board for setting teacher dress-code boundaries: "I think we need to draw a line when it comes to our teachers and employees in dealing with students," said board member Marion Barnes.

There was a time when such rules were probably unnecessary because teachers had the sense to dress appropriately. And while, admittedly, there have been some really sexist policies in the past when it comes to dress, there's no question that professional attire should be the standard.

The current policy is too vague to be enforceable and it's easy to see how, as years have gone by, the accepted standards have slipped to the point where principals probably wouldn't be surprised to see some teachers arrive for work in their bathrobes and curlers.

Most don't abuse the situation, of course. But we see no reason why teachers should not come to school in business clothes that are clean and pressed as a message to students that the institution of learning is a place of mutual respect.


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