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July 18, 1975

BARNWELL, S.C. - A young woman wept on the stand in federal court here Thursday as she told how she was dismissed from Aiken County Hospital with a day-old baby on the order of her obstetrician after she refused to be sterilized.

Mrs. Shirley Brown, 26, of New Ellenton said she paid the full fee of $250 for prenatal care and delivery when the baby was born Sept. 2, 1973. However, she said she and her husband separated in June of that year and she applied for welfare shortly before the baby was due and entered the hospital on a Medicaid card.

Mrs. Brown is the second of two Aiken County women who have brought a $1.5 million damage suit to testify in the trial which goes into its fifth day today.

Dr. Clovis H. Pierce, in several appearances on the stand during the federal trial, has reiterated his policy of requiring women on Medicaid, or who are unable to pay, to consent to sterilization on the birth of their third child if he is to accept them as patients.


  • To bring light into a small kitchen, mirror the wall from the top of the counter to the bottom of the cabinets. (If your countertop is cluttered, however, the mirror will appear to double the clutter.)
  • If you're on a budget, buy mirrors at flea markets and hang them in a grouping. This is an especially good use for old mirrors that have some imperfections. Remember: There can be beauty in imperfection.
  • Use mirrors on a tabletop, especially for a party or during the holidays. Consider having a mirror made to cover the entire top, or have a strip made to run the length of the table center.
  • Place a folding mirrored screen in the corner of a living or dining room to brighten it. Such a screen, which may need to be fabricated, can be used as a three-way mirror, as seen in dressing rooms.
  • Long, narrow rooms or hallways are enhanced by mirroring the long side. A mirrored hallway will appear wider if you place a semicircular or demilune table against the mirror. The table will then look like a full circle.
  • Resting a tall mirror against a wall is not only trendy but also a flexible design tool because changing the tilt of the mirror changes the reflected view.
  • Hang a decorative, framed mirror on top of a plate glass mirrored wall. Or hang empty picture frames on the mirrored wall.
  • Hanging a single mirror by a chain, cording or a ribbon can help set it off.
  • As a general rule, frameless mirrors suit contemporary settings and framed mirrors suit traditional ones. However, the exception - hanging a heavily embellished old mirror in a modern environment - can be striking.
  • Sources: Joanelle Jordann Klumb of Joanelle Jordann Design; Pamela Heyne of Pamela Heyne, AIA and Houston-Heyne in Washington, D.C.; Tom Ehmke of Home Glass Co. in Milwaukee; and Nancy Miller of Form & Function


    All packing strategies are based on the same theory: Never allow your clothes to have hard folds or creases. Try these steps:

    1. Button the jacket and lay it face down with the collar just touching the midpoint of the long side and the tail hanging out the other side. Smooth out all wrinkles. Pace all other garments face up.

    2. Pack skirts, dresses and long- and short-sleeve shirts in that order, alternating sides of the suitcase for hangovers.

    3. Pack pants with the waistbands just touching the short ends of the suitcase with the legs hanging out. Smooth out the wrinkles.

    4. Next pack sweaters, knits and shorts.

    5. Lay the core bundle on top, suck as rolled T-shirts.

    6. Fold over the hanging ends - bottoms of sweaters, shirts, slacks, skirts, jacket - as far around the bundle as they will go.

    7. Smooth out the wrinkles.

    8. Connect the bag's tie-down straps to secure the bundle.

    9. At your hotel, hang up everything so wrinkles fall out. If wrinkles are severe, hang in the bathroom to take advantage of the steam. Most hotels also have ironing boards for touch-ups.

    10. Remember you're on vacation. What do a few wrinkles matter, anyway?


    Tips for preventing tick bites include:

  • Avoid ticks' preferred habitat: wooded, brushy areas.
  • Use tick repellent and check for ticks frequently.
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt.
  • Remove attached ticks promptly by using tweezers and pulling gently.

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