Originally created 07/18/02

Fund-raisers capitalize on Sept. 11

I recently received an unsolicited phone call from the "American Police Officer Association," whatever that is. The caller claimed his organization raises money for widows and children of Georgia officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. So far, so good.

I then told him that I had received a similar call from a charity raising funds for firefighters, with the caller finally admitting that approximately 90 percent of the donations went to overhead - not to the families.

"What percentage of your collections go to the families?" I asked. Of course, the caller claimed he did not know. I later received another call from the same group that day - with similar results.

I believe our elected officials need to put an end to what I call "predatory fund raising." Organizations that feed off the sympathy of the American public, especially post-Sept. 11, should at least be ashamed - if not banned - for doing so.

Let's support our brave police and firefighters with good salaries and life insurance plans, and let these "predators" get real jobs.

C. Schuman, Evans, Ga.


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