Originally created 07/18/02

'National' least of women's issues

I am dismayed and agitated to see that the National Council of Women's Organizations has taken upon itself the goal of forcing the Augusta National to admit women into its ranks.

Do leaders of this group, which clearly does not speak for all women, seriously think this is a worthwhile use of their time and money? Do they really think women across the country are that interested in gaining membership into an exclusive men's club?

My guess is that our nation's women are more interested in an organization that will focus its resources on continued efforts to find cures to ovarian and breast cancers, or raising awareness of postpartum depression, menopause or the still-present need for equality in the work place.

Women, like our male counterparts, should (and do) have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the National Council of Women's Organizations does not represent women-at-large when it demands that a private business, with its private funding, include females in its club.

Rachel S. Balducci, Augusta


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