Originally created 07/18/02

Tribe's gesture touched reader

One beautiful thing happened after the World Trade Center was destroyed. It happened "Out of Africa."

The Masai tribe lives in Kenya, and cows are the tribe's whole life. They love and nearly worship the cows. A short time ago, they heard about the tragedy in New York. It moved their hearts so much, they offered 16 of their beloved cows to the people of the United States.

Nothing moved my heart, as that did, in years. As far as I know, our country has never given the Masai a penny. Could this be the reason they offered their hearts?

The people at the Savannah River Plant don't seem to have the moxie to make MOX. They do know how to spend money.

Augusta has trouble with garbage, the airport, animal shelter, the civic center, etc. So is there any entity in Augusta trouble-free?

According to some letters to the editor, a lot of people around Augusta knew when the World Trade Center was to be hit. These people should join the FBI. It needs all the help it can get.

James V. Parker, North Augusta, S.C.


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