Originally created 07/18/02

Bird life should be given a chance

On June 16, my 8-year-old grandson and I went to the Publix store on Fury's Ferry Road. We stopped in front of the store to admire the baby birds being fed by their parents. The chickadees had built their nests in the letters on the Publix sign and the signs of other establishments. It was a pleasant experience for us to enjoy in the midst of chaos and crisis in our everyday lives.

As we were leaving the store, we noticed two young men pulling the bird nests from the sign and placing the young baby birds in a plastic bag. The men told me they were contracted by the Publix home office to clean out the signs at the stores every two months. I asked them to stop while I contacted the corporate office, but they continued their work.

The property manager said that the nests "were not to be removed if the nests were active." I explained that the birds would soon be leaving their nests - in less than one week. By the time I returned outside, the young men on the ladder had already stuffed 50-60 baby birds into a plastic bag and placed the bag inside the truck. They further told me they would feed the birds when they arrived in Atlanta, but it was clear the birds had been tied up as trash.

Obviously, attention and education are in order: 1) The birds have fewer options for nesting since most of the trees were removed to build the shopping center, 2) if Publix does not want birds to nest in their sign, mesh wiring across the areas would prevent the birds from nesting there, thus saving money removing the nests bimonthly and 3) if Publix does not want to place wiring over the areas, allow the birds to reach adulthood and fly away on their own, then remove the nests.

Susan H. Still, Martinez, Ga.

(Editor's note: The writer is the proprietor of Bird's Eye View Inc.)


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