Originally created 07/17/02

Commissioners, mayor: resign

I have read some of the Special Grand Jury's presentation and if only 10 percent of what I have read is true, then Augusta commissioners should hang their heads in shame. If they had any honor, they would all resign - effective today. This includes Mayor Bob Young.

They were all aware of the ugly situation in the fire department, and they either ignored it and stayed silent, or they actually aided and covered up the possibly criminal actions of Chief Ronnie Few and others in the fire department.

To hear Mr. Young's excuse of giving Mr. Few a recommendation for the position of fire chief in Washington, D.C., because no one wanted him to stay here was insulting. To hear Commissioner Lee Beard playing the race card was also insulting.

This presentation should, at a minimum, bring criminal charges against Mr. Few for malfeasance in office, fraud and perjury. The commissioners and mayor should be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise.

Former City Administrator Randy Oliver should also take blame for not bringing these sorry circumstances to light when he was here.

If residents of Augusta have any sense of decency, they will turn every commissioner and the mayor out of office at the first available chance.

Thomas R. Thigpen Sr., Augusta


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