Originally created 07/10/02

Complains Richmond pesticide sprayer truck imperils health

I am writing because of my dismay at what's happening at our homes. A Richmond County truck drove by my home June 25, spraying something into the air. There was no prior warning and the sprayer truck just came by again tonight.

I called the Augusta administrator and found that the substance was Perthrine, a pesticide used to control mosquitoes. Since I treasure my health, my 6-month-old son's health and the health of my husband, I researched this substance.

Perthrine, a.k.a. Permethrine, is a possible carcinogen, suspected endocrine disrupter and has moderate acute toxicity. This means that the endocrine system, which includes our ovaries/testes, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, pineal body and adrenal gland, can be affected ...

I found that moderate acute toxicity relates to just how much of the stuff it takes to kill a rat - or you. As a possible carcinogen, it could give you the gift that keeps on giving - cancer.

I gathered this information from Encarta Encyclopedia and the Pesticide Action Network Pesticide Database. It is undetermined if this chemical is a ground water contaminant. I suppose they just don't want to know.

It wasn't difficult to gather this information. Why hasn't anyone in a "responsible" position taken the initiative to keep us safe? Why has our local government insisted on putting us at risk without telling us, so that at least we might have protected ourselves somehow?

Why take any risk with our babies' health? Are we really that expendable? I don't think so. I'm not about to take this dangerous insult to my family's health as "business as usual."

By the way, this Richmond County truck came by spraying this chemical while children played in the street. And we were worried about terrorists doing the same thing.

Theodora Larson, Augusta


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