Originally created 07/10/02

GOP-led Senate is more effective

Come election time, conservative Americans - both Republicans and Democrats (there are a few) - must give the U.S. Senate back to the Republicans.

Senate leadership under the Democrats will not allow highly qualified judges to be voted on. The Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee dismisses judges rated as highly qualified by the American Bar Association and nominated by President George W. Bush.

President Bush has nominated the first Hispanic to become a member of the court of appeals for the Washington, D.C., circuit and perhaps (later) the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Miguel Estrada is a prime example of the self-made immigrant. He came here at 17, taught himself English, graduated from Columbia University Law School Magna Cum Laude, but is being held up by the Democrats.

Mr. Estrada's nomination may die - just as others have with the Democrat-controlled Senate - because he does not have a history of legislating from the bench, which is the Democrats' basic litmus test for federal judges.

Why did it take a Republican president to nominate a Hispanic to an appeals court, when Democratic President Bill Clinton was in office for the previous eight years?

This is a very basic reason we need to elect Saxby Chambliss and get rid of Max Cleland, the straight party-line voting Democrat who promised Georgians he would be another Sam Nunn conservative Democrat - a political lie.

John B. Cheatham, Augusta


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