Originally created 07/10/02

Murderers should be given death penalty

I'm all for juries giving death to murderers.

Area residents may remember the 1981 Hill Rivers murders of the Watts family - Hattie, her retarded son of age 13, and her 7-year-old granddaughter, Alicia. She was also my granddaughter.

My husband and I were the ones who saw Hill Rivers (in the vicinity of the Watts' home) before the time of the murders. Rivers allegedly murdered seven people that July, and two before that while in prison. He was released from prison on a technicality.

Don't you realize that once they murder and get away with it, they will murder again? They think nobody will know about it or, if anybody does, they'll be lucky again. Rivers wasn't lucky, because I prayed every night that the Lord would make him suffer for his sins and he did. He got cancer and died in agony in the cell of the prison he was in.

I am not a vengeful person. I am 84-years-old; I do believe in the Lord and I know he does not believe in anyone killing. If they do, he believes that they should have the same treatment that they gave to the ones they killed.

Lilian A. Brewer, Harlem, Ga.

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