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JULY 9, 1942

Rumors that the suspension of Augusta Police Chief C.J. Wilson was linked with another department scandal were denied yesterday.

John B. Kennedy, safety commissioner, said the police chief was suspended for "conduct unbecoming an officer." He said the chief had been charged with being intoxicated in a downtown hotel room.

Mr. Kennedy said the chief has the customary 10 days in which to answer the charge. The matter will then go before the Civil Service Commission.


Here are some tips on buying fresh produce, from aboutproduce.com, a site run by the Produce Marketing Association and the Produce for a Better Health Foundation:

  • Choose fresh-looking fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure produce is not moldy, bruised or slimy.
  • Don't buy anything that smells bad.
  • Buy only what you need, because produce does not store well.
  • Handle produce carefully so it does not bruise.

    The Financial Aid Office at Augusta State University offers the following tips to ease the process of applying for aid and avoid unnecessary delays:

  • Have a copy of last year's income tax return available and your parents' if you are listed as a dependent.
  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible. Be sure to use the correct college code, which can be obtained from your chosen school's financial aid office. This form must be processed before any state or university financial aid can be awarded. A university financial aid application should also be completed. FAFSA's are available in financial aid offices, guidance offices and on the Web at fafsa.ed.gov.
  • HOPE applicants need to complete only a HOPE scholarship form and the university application for financial aid.
  • Transfer students should request a copy of their financial aid transcripts from any college or university they've previously attended, whether or not financial aid was received.
  • Once the FAFSA has been processed, applicants will receive a Student Aid Report by mail. Verify that all the information is accurate. If corrections are needed, contact the university's financial aid office. The form should be submitted to the financial aid office after any corrections are made.
  • Scholarship, grant and loan applications are separate from this process and must be filled out individually. The FAFSA automatically submits a request for a Pell grant.

    Here's the Georgia election schedule for this year:

    July 22 - Deadline to register to vote in primaries

    Aug. 20 - Primary elections

    Sept. 10 - Primary runoff

    Oct. 7 - Deadline to register to vote in the general election

    Nov. 5 - General election

    Nov. 26 - General election runoff (if necessary)


    Dog days is the name for the most sultry period of summer, usually from July 3 to Aug. 11.

    According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the period was named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean. They figured the period as extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (the Dog Star) and the sun.

    In the latitude of the Mediterranean region, this period coincided with hot days that were plagued with disease and discomfort.


    The five best and worst jobs, according to the Jobs Rated Almanac by Les Krantz:

    Best overall job:

    No. 1 - Biologist

    No. 2 - Actuary

    No. 3 - Financial planner

    No. 4 - Computer systems analyst

    No. 5 - Accountant

    Worst overall job:

    No. 246 - Seaman

    No. 247 - Ironworker

    No. 248 - Cowboy

    No. 249 - Fisherman

    No. 250 - Lumberjack


    Lightning kills more than 100 people every year in the United States and injures hundreds of others. Knowing what steps to take in the event of an oncoming storm can save a life.

    Lightning tends to travel the path of least resistance and often seeks out tall or metal objects. With lightning however, it's all relative. A "tall" object can be an office tower, a home or a child standing on a soccer field. Be warned - lightning can and does strike just about anything in its path.

    Caution during lightning storms should be taken both indoors and out. The Lightning Protection Institute suggests following basic lightning safety guidelines.


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