Originally created 07/09/02

Linda Schrenko has 'electability'

On June 6, we attended the Columbia County GOP Gubernatorial Forum at the Pavilion. While there are several candidates running for governor, we were most impressed with Linda Schrenko's presentation and her answers to a variety of questions from the moderator, Columbia News Times publisher Barry Paschal.

Public attendance was rather low, but anyone with an interest in Georgia's future - especially in the field of education - would have been impressed with Ms. Schrenko's expertise in all issues raised. Certainly, she would be most qualified to turn around some of Gov. Roy Barnes' educational policies with her knowledge and commonsense approach. She would attack the bloated Atlanta bureaucracy and redirect the money back to schools and teachers.

Another important point in Linda Schrenko's favor is electability. Not only Georgia teachers and parents, but also women voters in general, would be attracted to her candidacy - much more so than to the other politicians.

S.G. von Schweinitz, Appling, Ga.


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