Originally created 07/09/02

Court renders another loss of freedom

Within two days, we hear we can't do the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, and America has more crime, violence, etc., than other countries.

I wonder if the one has anything to do with the other. In the name of freedom, we are rapidly losing our freedoms. This once-Christian nation (and it was Christian before the revisionists changed it), whose principle of freedom for all, has somehow opened the door to extremes that I'm sure were not intended by the framers of our Constitution.

We can't pray in school - or put up the Ten Commandments, because the children might read and obey them - yet we can pass out condoms, teach our children to tolerate all kinds of lurid lifestyles and declare there are no absolutes, no rights or wrongs.

Look at what has happened since we took prayer out of schools - guns, knives, violence have come in. If parents try to teach their children respect for authority, the children are told they can sue their parents if they are disciplined.

It seems as if the very freedoms we cherish are being misused by the American Civil Liberties Union and other such groups to undermine freedoms men have fought and died for.

Again, our Constitution does not state "separation of church and state." It reads "the government shall not establish religion" (tell you what faith you must belong to, as other countries do), "nor deny the free exercise thereof." Which means I am free to believe as I do, and so are you. I am free to share my faith and listen to you, but neither of us can force that on each other.

It seems to me that now, in the name of "tolerance," anything goes. Trash TV bombards our airwaves even in the "family hour." That is tolerance for everyone except Christians, on whose principles this nation was founded ...

Grace G. Allen, Trenton, S.C.


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