Originally created 07/09/02

Christians support persecution

Typical. That's the only way to describe the Christian reaction to the Pledge of Allegiance ruling handed down by a federal appeals court in California. This country was settled by people who were fed up with religious persecution, but persecuting less popular beliefs seems to be the Christian way.

Our Bill of Rights grants each of us the right to worship as we see fit. It also means the government cannot endorse one religion over all others. If the pledge read "One nation under Buddha," would Christians still support it? They would rally against it with all the force they could muster. But when somebody else stands up for the right to his own beliefs, all the Christians do is insult, deride and attack.

One reader even went so far as to say it's time to stop minorities from taking away the rights and freedoms of the Christian majority. I guess that means that blacks and Latinos should give up all their rights, since we can't let minorities have the same rights as the majority.

The simple truth is this: Forcing Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and other non-Judeo-Christian children to declare - however indirectly - faith in a deity they do not, worship is wrong. But Christians don't care about right and wrong. They just want to trample all who don't worship their god.

John A. Terpack II, Augusta


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