Originally created 07/09/02

Streets for cars, not children

In response to C. Waldron's letter of July 1 ("Are cops picking on good kids?"), if she fails to understand why kids are not allowed to play in the street then she should read the article on page 3B in the July 1 paper,"Toddler killed by truck after running into road."

The streets are made for automobiles, not for children to play in. What is going to be her reaction when a driver accidentally runs over a child chasing a ball?

I see children playing in the streets, and drivers are honking their horns for them to move out of their way so they can drive through. Parents have to keep their children out of the street because if they do not, someone has to do it for them.

As for her statement that they do not vandalize property, this also is not true. The balls they throw into neighbors yards hit plants and damage them, and it costs money to replace them.

I had to rescue a child who climbed over my fence to retrieve a ball, got caught and was hanging upside down on the fence. This child could have severely hurt himself and broken his neck. The parent would then want to sue me because their child was killed or injured on my property.

She should do everyone a favor and keep children out of the street for their safety - even if she cannot understand why.

T. Sexton, Hephzibah, Ga.

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