Originally created 07/09/02

Terror at LAX

Political correctness is once again trumping common sense with the FBI's reluctance to label Hesham Mohamed Hadayet a terrorist. The heavily armed Egyptian immigrant fired off a round of 10-12 bullets at Israel's airline ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, killing two civilians and injuring three others before an El Al security guard gunned him down.

The FBI and other police authorities at first wouldn't even identify Hadayet as being Egyptian. They said that the awful incident was likely the random act of a depressed madman - that it could have happened at any airline ticket counter.

That might be true if the mass murderer was a Norwegian, but it's not just a coincidence when a man of Middle Eastern descent from a nation that trumpets anti-Semitism goes to an Israeli ticket counter to kill. He knows exactly what he's up to and why.

The fallback line was that Hadayet's murder spree was possibly a "hate crime," not terrorism, though the difference between a terrorist act spawned by hate and a hate crime was never made clear.

The plain truth is that Hadayet was a terrorist. The only question is whether he was acting alone or at the behest of an organized terrorist cell.


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