Originally created 06/29/02

We should celebrate God's power

We were not privileged to see the things that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Joseph saw. We did not see the burning bush as Moses did. Our eyes did not witness the parting of the Red Sea or the Jordan River in flood before people entered the Promised Land.

We were not there when Cyrus the Persian released the people from captivity and allowed them to return to rebuild the wall and the temple.

We did not see the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our eyes did not see the small band of scared followers in Jerusalem transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit into a world-wide church described in the Book of Acts.

But we have seen God's hand at work in our own lives.

What God is saying to us is: "Tell that story, your story, to your children and to your grandchildren." Even as the people of old celebrated the wonders and miracles of God's awesome power, so should we, who call ourselves God's people today. Remember to celebrate today.

What is God doing right now in our lives that demonstrates that God is for us every step of the way?

We are admonished to express fidelity to God. Fidelity is first, last and always a characteristic of God. He will never let us go. He will never let us down. He will never forsake us. His love is unconditional.

There is absolutely nothing that we can do that will separate us from his love. God provides for our every need, one way or another. He wills and brings wholeness to life.

We all have a lot to talk about through storytelling. Let's start talking.

Dr. Gene Norris is a local Presbyterian pastor who now serves as a marriage and family therapist.


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