Originally created 06/29/02

Christians live their words

This letter is in response to two people's points of view in the June 15 Chronicle.

First, a person was quoted in the article on protesters of an "adult bookstore" who felt we should put our energies to a more worthy cause. Some may choose a "cause" to give a few hours or dollars to; as Christians, we are called to do more.

Many who protested have jobs, families and give hours of service. I was there, and I still have time to volunteer, teach Sunday school and take a stand against abortion.

Which brings me to the person who wrote a rant against those who pray at Planned Parenthood. I know the men who meet there, and I go with a group one afternoon a month. We gather when the abortion clinic is closed, because we are there to pray and make others aware of what happens there.

Christians are often accused as a group of being judgmental and speaking without knowing the facts. The person who wrote that rant did that. The "ranter" claims to have yelled to the group, "Have any of you volunteered to adopt an unwanted child?" and received a blank stare. I guarantee if the person had not been making a drive-by comment, there would have been a loving answer.

Many of those who pray at Planned Parenthood are members of the Alleluia Christian Community and numerous families in the community have adopted children - often, special-needs children. The community also has foster parents, and those who teach for little money because of their love for children.

So, unlike those who rant against people they don't know, there are many Christians exercising their rights to free speech and putting their lives where their mouths are - as Christ calls us to do.

Patricia Sanford, Augusta

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