Originally created 06/29/02

The system has failed all children - black and white

Regarding Charlie Connell's June 13 letter, concerning a letter about blacks and SAT scores. Mr. Connell stated blacks are a burden on the welfare system, burdens in the form of jailbirds and wrecking cars which send insurance rates up.

First of all, could someone tell me what all this has to do with SAT scores? The truth be known, SATs and other tests given in the school system were not written with blacks in mind. Blacks only have one month of black history; the other nine are for what we are to be programmed to learn.

Truth be known, there are just as many white welfare recipients, jailbirds and car wreckers as there are blacks and other races.

Mr. Connell should read his paper. It was not a group of black kids who went into a school and killed innocent people - or were they made to do this by a bunch of lazy welfare black recipients, if we are to believe what Mr. Connell wrote?

Please, let's get the facts straight. We are all one in God's eyes. We all bleed the same color blood - red. We all have feelings, and we all hurt.

One day, we will all be judged by the same God. The system has failed our children - black and white. Teachers are overworked and underpaid. Kids are getting homework they don't understand, because classrooms are overcrowded and teachers don't have the time to work with them.

None of us learn on the same level and, instead of getting help for those who have learning disabilities, the are labeled, thrown to the side and then they are picked on and teased. The end result is that some black kids drop out, and some white kids come back with guns. Black kids get angry with their parents; white kids kill their parents.

Mr. Connell is not the only one paying taxes, so when he talks about giving tax money to people who don't want to try, remember this: Blacks are not the only ones on welfare. Whites are, too.

Dorothy Lott, Thomson, Ga.


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