Originally created 06/28/02

Book store attorney seeks fast buck

Regarding the recent adult book store conflict, to put it nicely, the people who want this ungodly, sinful store to open on Gordon Highway need to bury their sinful selves under the heaviest rock they can find.

As for the Tom Maddox, the attorney representing the North Miami Beach, Fla.-based bookstore, his morals are just as corrupt and deceitful. I am exercising my right to freedom of the press; not of the press itself, rather as a daily reader of The Chronicle.

The attorney is a no-good, hungry dog who's looking for a fast buck. Has he no shame? Did his beloved mother raise him this way? Of course not. I bet she was a God-fearing mother who tried to raise him in the church. Now, look at who he represents: filth.

At least 99 percent of Augustans do not want this trashy store in our community. The attorney and those he represents do not have the right to force this trash down the throats of the people in south Augusta or any part of Augusta. If low-lifes want to read this trash, let them go to North Augusta and purchase this filth.

South Augusta is a thriving community that has had to put up with no-brain county commissioners, as it is. If I were the judge or District Attorney Danny Craig, I would block their threat of lawsuits every way I could. We have enough trash on cable TV as it is.

I hope every churchgoer in the Central Savannah River Area, as well as non-churchgoers, blocks this store with a huge veto. The store should locate elsewhere. It is not wanted in Augusta.

I am very much aware that Satan is alive and well, and I don't need him rubbed in my face. Please don't waste our court time or upset the community anymore than it's already been. I claim victory in Jesus' precious blood, and Jesus never loses. God will prevail.

Tina K. Cloer, Augusta


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