Originally created 06/28/02

Lack of discipline can be as damaging as child abuse

In reference to the lynching of concerned parents who discipline their children, I know this to be unfair - as well as the imposition of ideas and concepts onto our concerned parents by liberal law-enforcers, politicians and organizations.

As a result good parents are receiving criminal records, in turn limiting the influence and absolute authority that parents have over their children. It also promotes juvenile delinquency and upsets a strong family foundation.

To base physical child abuse solely on visible markings is not balanced and results in legitimate abuses not being prosecuted.

The fact is, people of lighter color will show markings and/or bruises far better than people of darker complexions. Also, much less skin irritation is required for an appearance. For the soft liberals, whose ideas only poison the future of our youth and cause our judicial system to need more jail space and increase alternative teaching methods, I say, "phooey."

A spanking with a light belt, switch or hand on the buttock area is not child abuse. Physical child abuse can be cuts, large bruises or signs of blunt force with or without the incorporation of verbal abuse.

Personally, I appreciate alternative methods of discipline, but sometimes the old-fashioned method of the belt or hand on the buttocks may be called for. If a firm discipline standard is not set at home, then the parent can be held responsible for the child's trespasses and may be jailed and fined.

The home will become unstable and unsuitable for living by both parent and child, due to the fact the child now uses the system to disrespect the fictional authority in the home and, by doing so, will stay out past curfew, fracture the law and void the values and strength of our American system. It weakens the will of good, law-abiding parents who follow the examples of our lord in reference to discipline.

Charlie Hannah, Augusta


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