Originally created 06/28/02

Porn sale is better than no sale

Wow, the Augusta commissioners have all finally agreed on something. Great. However, I think it is stupid to try to run out businesses that want to occupy any of the vacant properties along Gordon Highway, from the old Regency Mall to the Red Lobster restaurant near the jail.

People can't tell me that they are all so opposed to porn that they can't bear it in the city. I've seen their husbands in the strip clubs downtown and at the adult bookstore across the river. Some of them are even patronizing the local escort services. The demand for porn is very high in this country, so I don't want to hear any garbage about it demoralizing the city. Obviously, someone is buying it.

The police will only have to patrol the area because it is a crack-infested slum; not because of a porn shop.

Atlanta lawyer Tom Maddox and his firm have my support to put in their bookstore. No one else would rent property in that area if they were paid to, so you guys go for it.

Leslie Alley, Martinez, Ga.


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