Originally created 06/26/02

Robbery gets teen charged as adult

Authorities have charged a 14-year-old Augusta boy as an adult in connection with an armed robbery that occurred last week in Barton Village.

Police say Christian Lyons, who just completed the eighth grade at Glenn Hills Middle School, is one of two teens who robbed a house full of children at gunpoint Friday.

Mr. Lyons, of Dublin Drive, was charged Monday with armed robbery with a firearm, and Eddie Lee Freeman, 17, of Hephzibah, was charged with burglary and armed robbery, Richmond County sheriff's Investigator Ken Rogers said.

Armed robbery is one of the so-called seven deadly sins, crimes in which a juvenile can be charged as an adult.

Police say it was camouflage Reeboks and boots that gave the teen robbers away. The witnesses, ages 7 to 17, told police that the suspects visited the home in the 2400 block of Amsterdam Drive earlier and were wearing unusual shoes.

The teens came back with T-shirts covering most of their faces, but the witnesses didn't have a hard time identifying them, police said.

"Thirty to 45 minutes earlier, they were in the house wearing the same clothes," Investigator Rogers said.

Police say Antoinette Flowers sells cigars, candy and other items from the home, and the teens noticed the stash of money when they came in Friday to buy a cigar.

The witnesses said the younger robber had a gun and put it to the chest of a 16-year-old boy, knocking him down. The other robber grabbed a money bag with more than $300 inside, police said.

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