Originally created 06/25/02

Chides cop speeding to breakfast

This is in response to the statement in P. Bonds' letter in the June 16 edition of The Augusta Chronicle which reads "... every morning I am passed in the right lane ..." Does this imply that Ms. Bonds is driving in the left lane, forcing people to pass in the right lane? If this is the case, Ms. Bonds should take a look at the driver's manual as to the proper use of the left lane.

If she meant being passed while driving in the right lane, I understand this all too well. I often wonder where law enforcement is on some of those mornings when large trucks "tailgate" those of us attempting to observe the speed limit.

Recently, I was passed by an officer (I was exceeding the limit myself by about 5 mph) and noted that this speeding officer stopped at a fast food establishment. Officers have to exceed the limit when responding to an emergency situation, but for a breakfast biscuit? Please.

I, for one, would love to see officers take a more active role in ticketing people parked in fire lanes in front of businesses. In light of the emphasis on terrorist activity, this should be a priority for our law enforcement and store management.

D. Sterling, Augusta


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