Originally created 06/20/02

Mark Sanford is proven conservative

Regarding the snide, accusatory anti-Mark Sanford TV spot "Paid for by Citizens for Government Accountability," I have no way of knowing whether the accusation in that spot is true or not, but it gives the impression that Mr. Sanford and his family have been dishonest, accepting farm subsidies while Mr. Sanford voted against them. Spots like this are questionable at best because the voters have no idea who these "Citizens for Government Accountability" are. If they have a legitimate complaint, they should be willing to tell us who "they" really are - so they can also be accountable.

I know Mr. Sanford to be very conservative, and he proved that by his work in Congress. I don't know how the Mullins, S.C., farmer in that TV spot can refer to the Sanford family's Beaufort County farm as a "gentleman's farm." That term implies the Sanfords aren't real farmers compared to that Mullins farmer, who apparently is authentic. Do I see a green-eyed monster of jealousy and envy here?

Many years ago, I was a guest of Mr. Sanford's parents at their Coosaw farm/plantation. His late father was a doctor, who practiced medicine in Florida, but the family spent their summers on the farm, where the Sanford children were taught the values of hard work and responsibility. The farm was and is a working farm. Their home there was a comfortable - but totally unpretentious - one. It was obvious they lived as any other average farm family lived. I know, because I was reared on a Midwestern farm.

Mr. Sanford lived in Florida as a child, because his father had his practice there. Mr. Sanford spent his summers on the farm with his family. He attended college in South Carolina at Furman University and has lived his entire adult life in South Carolina.

Those who wish to depict him as phony and dishonest can only be depicted as dishonest themselves. Mr. Sanford is one who has a proven conservative record, and the fact he has no ties to Columbia, S.C., is a big plus in my view. A change is badly needed. Please vote for Mr. Sanford in the June 25 gubernatorial runoff election.

Marilyn Montgomery, Aiken, S.C.


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