Originally created 06/19/02

Wine talk


THE WINE: 2000 La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio, California



ASSESSMENT: This is another one of those great summer wines that is packed full of clean citrus flavors. It starts with a delicate aroma; hints of peach and other summer fruits dominate with clean undertones. This is a lighter-style wine than any Chardonnay, allowing for fresh ingredients to show their entire flavor, all the while complementing the wine.

PAIR WITH: Anything grilled will do fine. We enjoyed this treasure with grilled chicken, squash and a rice medley. The key is to keep the menu simple, even a tossed salad topped with different fruits and vegetables will show all the glory and flavor in the wine. It is also a perfect sipping wine on hot days, being light enough for an appetizer, dinner or cocktail party.

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