Originally created 06/19/02

Sees prejudice in words of South Carolina NAACP leader

Regarding South Carolina NAACP leader James Gallman's June 14 guest column, even though it was not lengthy, it did help me understand the organization. However, I did note two particulars that I think does his organization an extreme injustice.

If we are to fight racial issues, we should always leave out unattractive racial comments which might show our true heart. Mr. Gallman's "lily-white" characterization of the board of trustees at the Medical University of South Carolina shows me where his true heart is.

I am very white of skin but I am not "lily white" of any nature - skin or otherwise. This is not to say I don't understand his concern for an all-white board of trustees in any matter deciding the issues for multi-racial people. If the people on a board are trustworthy to fight my cause, it wouldn't matter what race they are. If they prove unworthy, they should be removed.

The second particular is in regard to his lottery-funded scholastic issues. I totally agree with him regarding distribution of the scholarship money, although I do not agree with his opinion on the achievement requirements. State funding should be equal to all schools; politics should not even be a contributing factor.

Poorly funded schools still produce students capable of making good grades. The achievement factor will come from the individual. Whether an individual is an achiever or not is characterized by his home and outside influences. Social-passing hopefully has come to an end.

There are children capable of achievement but who do not apply themselves for various reasons. There is no gain for one who does not work for it. The funds are available for those willing to work for it - even without lottery-funded scholarships.

To remove prejudice, we must also remove it from the ones wanting to lead us toward equality.

Teresa Callahan, Hephzibah, Ga.


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