Originally created 06/19/02

Rotten refs cheated Jersey Nets

Did the New Jersey Nets have a chance? Yes, if the referees called a fair game. The Los Angeles Lakers won the last two games because of the referees not calling fair games for other teams.

Chris Webber and his team played better ball than the Lakers. The Lakers depend on the referees to help them out at the end of the game. It is time for this to stop. I know the league wanted the Lakers and the Boston Celtics because of money, but I say may the best team win - regardless of money.

The Lakers shouldn't have won their first title, because Mr. Webber and his team would have knocked them out in the first round if the referees had called a fair game in game 5. I know they are human and will miss some calls, but not as many as they do standing right there.

I suggest that the NBA stop having playoffs and just appoint the team it wants to win. I know the Lakers did not win fairly.

Annie McCorkle, Augusta


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