Originally created 06/19/02

ABC has no moral backbone

I find the recent decision by ABC to drop Toby Keith from its upcoming Fourth of July special a moral nadir for that network. What kind of network is strong-armed into such a narrow, politically correct stance?

Apparently, ABC is able to be manipulated by its liberal agenda and its liberal anchorman/ringleader, Peter Jennings.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, ABC contacted country singer Toby Keith to perform his new song on their upcoming Fourth of July special. The lyrics to his song make reference to the United States of America "sticking a boot to the rear" of Osama bin Laden.

ABC was initially thrilled to have Mr. Keith, and wanted him to headline the patriotic ensemble of artists.

However, the special is going to be hosted by Mr. Jennings. Upon discovering Mr. Keith's "insensitive and controversial lyrics," Mr. Jennings refused to do the show unless Mr. Keith was dropped - which he subsequently was.

Shortly thereafter, ABC released a vague, nondescript note to the press saying Mr. Keith's lyrics had nothing to do with his sudden absence from their special show. The network lied about Mr. Keith ever actually being booked.

Come on, ABC. This is a baldfaced lie. ABC has no moral backbone. Sadly, it probably could have been any of the three major networks. This type of agenda-driven policy is evident at all the major networks. If the big three networks haven't noticed, network news ratings are dropping.

They should get a clue. America doesn't care for their left-wing agenda. ABC lacks integrity and moral courage...

Daniel A. Hancock, Augusta


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