Originally created 06/19/02

Turner the terrorist

There are very few things you can be sure of in this life. Yes, the sun will always rise in the East, Augusta summers are hot, and the kids are never as obedient as you'd like.

Oh, and there's one other thing. You can always count on media mogul Ted Turner to make a fool of himself and embarrass the nation. The wise old man who put down Christianity, said the Ten Commandments were outdated, and apologized after calling the terrorists who killed thousands of civilians Sept. 11 "brave," just did it again. The timing was exquisite.

On the very day a Palestinian killer blew himself up slaughtering 20 Israeli bus passengers in southern Jerusalem, the Guardian of London published a lengthy Turner interview in which he equates Palestinian terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians with Israel's defensive responses against the terrorists.

"Aren't they both terrorizing each other?" he asks rhetorically. No, but it is terrorizing to think Turner's dunderhead moral equivalency and his other foot-in-mouth comments are taken seriously anywhere in the world.

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