Originally created 06/19/02

Barr can't take it

Someone should tell U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., that frivolous lawsuits are what Democrats are about, not Republicans.

In exchange for political favors that make them filthy rich, trial and plaintiff lawyers keep Democrats' campaign coffers full and seek to enact the party's liberal agenda via litigation when legislation fails.

Yet even Democrats would be too embarrassed to file a lawsuit like Barr's. The congressman is suing former President Bill Clinton, ex-Clinton adviser James Carville and pornography publisher Larry Flynt for $30 million.

He claims they damaged his reputation and caused him "emotional distress" in the great impeachment battle in which Barr played a key role in organizing and leading.

However one feels about the outcome of the impeachment trial, no reasonable person would argue that Clinton and his allies, including a pornographer, didn't have a right to fight back hard.

If Barr couldn't handle the heat, he should have gotten out of the kitchen. Going to court is what liberals do when they're losing a political dogfight. Conservatives - and Barr does consider himself a conservative - are supposed to know better than to waste the court's time.

Although Barr is an incumbent House member in a safe Republican district, reapportionment has forced him into a tough primary battle with another GOP incumbent, U.S. Rep. John Linder.

Linder, who voted for Clinton's impeachment but doesn't make an issue of it, quips that he knew Barr "was emotionally disturbed, but I always assumed it was my campaign that was doing it."

Indeed, if the rough-and-tumble of politics is emotionally disturbing to Barr, then Republicans should turn him out to pasture.


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