Originally created 06/14/02

A dirty deal

When was the West Augusta Little League put in charge of determining where truckloads of mucky dirt are dumped?

Earlier this year, at the request of Little League officials, Design Contractors Inc. of Evans hauled 60 truckloads of contaminated fill dirt from a demolition site at 13th and Fenwick streets, to the city-owned Little League ballpark near Eisenhower Drive.

League officials said they wanted to use the dirt as fill material. But they had no way of knowing the dirt was too contaminated for that. When the state Environmental Protection Division found out, the order came down to move the muck to a safe place.

Design Contractors' lawyer Robert Mullins says his client will shoulder its share of the $200,000 cleanup, but wants help from other responsible parties.

What other responsible parties? The company dumped the dirt on city property - not at the city's request, but at the Little League's. The firm should have known better. Little League is no expert on contaminated fill, nor does it have the statutory authority to tell demolition companies where to take their debris.

Before dumping truckloads of crud on city property, the company should have known to clear it with the city, not the Little League. The city shouldn't pay a penny for this dirty deal.


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