Originally created 06/11/02

Letter writer likened to Marx

Michael Ledo's May 24 letter states, "When you elect a 'C' student as president, don't expect the results of an 'A' student."

Mr. Ledo would have liked a man named Karl Marx. Dr. Marx was a scholar, an "A" student, an intellectual, a professor and philosopher. He was also one of the fathers of communism, a form of government that enslaved tens of millions of people, caused misery to other millions and death to untold millions.

The intellectual approach to government usually fails because the intellectuals live in their own societies, insulated both socially and economically from the masses. Marxism, like all other forms of socialism and communism, ultimately fails because it fails to account for human nature.

As for me, I would rather live in a country like the United States with a "C" student as president. If Mr. Ledo wants to live in a Marxist state, there are still a few around, but he should get on board before the last ship sinks.

Allen W. Johnson, Augusta


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