Originally created 06/10/02

Steroids an ugly sign of the times

The recent bombshell that at least 50 percent of baseball players are on steroids is a sign of the times. Records, once thought unbreakable, are being shattered each season. Players, who took careers to achieve certain marks, are now having those same marks tossed by the wayside like they are little-league records. Why?

We live in a society that thirsts on excitement in all we do. To go farther, faster and higher, and to give each of us our five minutes of glory is all we desire. Our ballparks are multi-million dollar temples to the sports gods we worship.

As ticket prices and player salaries climb skyward, we - as a society - no longer want to settle for 1-0 or 2-1 games. We demand more out of everything - our sports heroes included. The desire to achieve has become the only purpose.

It is said that our sports are a sign of our times. If that is the case, we live in sad times.

David C. Herring, Aiken, S.C.

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