Originally created 06/10/02

United States should steer clear of international court

Contrary to Royann Warhaftig's May 13 claim in The Chronicle, the Bush administration is well advised to steer clear of the United Nations International Criminal Court. The ICC is a threat to all freedom-loving U.S. citizens.

If the United States joins the ICC, U.S. citizens can be charged with criminal violations by dictators and thugs ruling Syria, Cuba, China, etc., and hauled to another country for trial where protections guaranteed by U.S. laws would not exist. Our military personnel would be particularly vulnerable to trumped-up charges and trials.

William F. Jasper quotes Notre Dame University School of Law Professor Charles Rice that the ICC "...repudiates the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Fourth of July...What are the limits on the ICC? There are none. It's insane." See Jasper's book The United Nations Exposed, 2001, American Opinion Book Services.

Proponents of an all-powerful world government answerable only to themselves want to set this ICC in stone. At Monterrey, Mexico, in March, 2002, they schemed how to impose a global tax to finance their plot. If you think the IRS is difficult, just let these would-be tyrants gain power to assess and collect your taxes.

If you object to paying their tax, then you could be hauled to the Netherlands and tried by the ICC. Of course the tax would be indirect at first, hiding it from most taxpayers. They would assess it directly only after obtaining absolute power...

Elton T. Booth, North Augusta, S.C.


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