Originally created 06/08/02

Justice system unfair to blacks

According to the May 19 Augusta Chronicle, Superior Court Judge William D. Jennings III agreed to set bond for Rufus Owens, the alleged killer of Anthony Campbell Jr. Although Mr. Owens is facing murder and weapon charges, he was granted a $50,000 bond.

During this century, American justice has been a mockery for black people. Black males have the highest victimization rate of any group. This has been proven true once again. Mr. Campbell is one of those black males, victimized over and over again - first by the killer and then by the criminal justice system.

The moment the decision was made to release the accused killer on a $50,000 bond, the family would also feel victimized again and their pain intensified.

When the criminal justice system fails to keep murder suspects behind bars, it has a marked impact on the victim's family and community.

When those who have killed are allowed to move freely about the community, without immediate consequences for their inappropriate behavior, it sends the wrong message to impressionable minds.

One year ago, Cedric Jackson was allegedly killed by Claude Wiggleton Jr. A year later, this case has not been resolved and the defendant has remained out of jail after posting a $40,000 bond.

It is the opinion of Blacks Against Black Crimes that injustice and double standards within the justice system are contributing factors to black-on-black violence.

Barbara Thurmond, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is the president of Blacks Against Black Crime Inc. in Augusta.)


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