Originally created 05/16/02

Americans once again are ruled by a 'rich royalty'

Damon Cline's excellent report (Business section, May 5) on the vast powers of the oil industry and Congress's attempt at investigating and possibly regulating inflated prices, was exceptionally honest. I wonder how many people read it and really understand the situation.

In my estimation, the whole world economy is in a slow-growth mode. Our government's goal, rather than fixing it, is to prop up the bubble with new money, freshly printed and from any other source it can find. Foreign policy is almost 90 percent engaged in profit-finding.

With regard to Cuba, our nation has routinely done business with terrorist and totalitarian states since the Reds took over Russia early in the last century. America went global to provide a short-term fix for its own bubble; fresh new markets, zero taxes and really cheap labor. It takes corrupt and/or weak foreign host states to furnish the factories and labor.

Now it seems, as a fact of evolution, that global trade requires a global government. Those "fairness commissars" that swarmed all over Israel are just a glimpse of the future under United Nations rule.

Our nation has been made corporate. We have allowed public-private collusion from the local to the federal level. So did Nazi Germany. Some like to call it conspiracy, but many know about it - educated and thinking people mostly. It is the slow blending of officeholders, lobbyists, corporations, investment banks, and tax-free charitable trusts and foundations.

We have restored what we rebelled against over 200 years ago with our American Revolution. Would our first president, George Washington, be content with what we've become?

Robert Periano, Augusta


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