Originally created 05/16/02

Today's great black writers ignored

As a high school student, I was introduced to wonderful and fascinating black writers such as Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Richard Wright, Phyllis Wheatley and James Baldwin. These were known black writers who received national and international acclaim for their literary works.

Today, as an adult, I read many great novels written by black American authors who rarely get the deserving national and international recognition for their astonishing literary talents. I'm dumbfounded that mainstream literary critics don't acknowledge the writing brilliance of these super black authors.

It's ridiculous that a vast majority of today's high school students aren't exposed to contemporary black writers such as Omar Tyree, Alice Walker, Nathan McCall, Eric Jerome Dickey, Terri McMillan, Michael Basiden, BeBe Campbell Moore, Jay California Cooper, E. Lynn Harris, Rosalyn McMillan, Sister Souljah and Toni Morrison. I consider these to be the best literary writers on God's earth.

Books written by the black authors are well-suited to be read by all Americans, regardless of race or gender. Therefore, I encourage all Americans to be receptive to reading exceptional literary works by black authors.

Many of these literary writers have taken writing sophistication, drama, suspense, intrigue, action, romance and eloquence to a new level.

Thanks to the late Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Wright, Ms. Wheatly, Mr. Baldwin and countless other black writers from the days of old for making significant contributions to the black literary world. They paved the way for many of today's black writers...

E. Maner, Augusta


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