Originally created 05/16/02

It's right not to curb river activities

The Augusta Canal Authority is on the right track in opposing the outdated ordinance prohibiting water activities in the Savannah River adjacent to the city. The overreaction of the sheriff's department to the recent drowning of a young boy in the canal is typically provincial and unnecessary.

Moreover, calls from "concerned mothers" to fence off portions of the waterways in the canal park are an insult to the natural beauty of the area and to the thousands of visitors who use the park responsibly.

An absolute distinction exists between the canal and the river in terms of the dangers each pose, and I trust the commissioners will be able to see it. It is not the role of government to infringe on the legitimate pleasures of the people, nor should government be held responsible for the folly of inexperienced, unprepared or unlucky individuals who venture beyond their limits.

Let truly concerned mothers monitor their children's activities and teach them the respect and skills necessary when confronting the immutable forces of nature.

Wesley Ross, Augusta


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